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Renovation For All Types of Residential (Singapore)

To kick start any HDB Project renovation works, first contractor have to apply for renovation permit and submit any required endorsement or paperwork require by HDB if there is any hacking of walls etc (Typically takes 1 to 2 weeks). After which a renovation notice have to be place on the main door of the unit and lift area on the 1st floor and the actual floor where the unit is being renovated. As for Condo Renovation projects work, the same renovation permit and any require endorsement have to be submitted to the condo management (Typically takes 1 to 3 weeks). Higher carpentry charges applies as for most Condo in Singapore, layers of protective corrugated board have to be place in all areas used for loading, unloading and moving of carpentry to the unit. Certain Condo may not allow contractors to unload directly under the block of the condo, which takes additional time, manpower to bring up all the carpentry to the unit for installation. Contact us today to find out more ! 

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